Leadership in this liminal time

“The universe blew our cover. There’s no going back to where we were. So whether we like it or not, all of us here are in the in-between space. We are no longer in the world that we were. I firmly believe that we have been changed by this year in a profound way, and we will continue to be.”

— Jessica Orkin

On October 19, 2020, SYPartners CEO Jessica Orkin and Founder Keith Yamashita shared a meditation on leadership in six acts with attendees of The Great Wave, a global gathering of the House of Beautiful Business.

After the session, the members of the House added their voices, ideas, experiences, and challenges to create a collective reflection on leading into the unknown—in an era of liminal leadership where it seems that virtually everything is in a state of in-between.

View the collective reflection here. For an optimal experience, please view on desktop.

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Watch a recording of the session here.