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Designing for humanity

A podcast by SYPartners about designing a future that’s made for all of us—and the best in us.

Design, at its heart, is an act of service. It’s the work of solving problems for the benefit of others.

But the world’s most complex challenges require something more comprehensive than our existing design frameworks. Climate change, migration, food distribution. The future of work and education. Bigotry, tribalism, and inequality. How do we design for problems that exist on a global scale? Problems where everyone really is our end user? How might we truly design for humanity?

In this podcast, host Rie Nørregaard interviews brilliant design minds—product designers, industrial designers, advocates, and more—to explore what it means to design for humanity and what new ways of thinking and methods are required for problem solvers of all kinds.

Episode 3: When a designer meets a social worker, with Tucker Viemeister

For Tucker Viemeister, there’s never been a separation between the making side of design and the social side. “It all boils down to how people treat each other,” he tells us in this episode, along with a variety of insights and stories from his famed design career, including the backstory of the award-winning Oxo Good Grips kitchen tools and why optimism is such an important quality for designers.

Tucker founded some of the most influential design businesses in the world today, such as Frog Design and Smart Design. He holds 32 patents, and his work can be found in permanent museum collections around the world—and at www.tuckerviemeister.com

Episode 2: Building a runway for change in fashion, at 3’5”, with Sinéad Burke

“As a society, we look at accessibility as something which is ugly, but my question is, ‘Why don’t we look at it as an opportunity for innovation and creativity?’” Writer, activist, and fashion enthusiast, Sinéad Burke gives us a unique glimpse into her life with achondroplasia and the fascinating places it has taken her—from TED to Davos to Burberry’s design studio.

After hearing Sinéad’s compelling stories, you’ll never look at design—buildings, iconography, fashion—the same way again.

You can find her at www.sinead-burke.com or @TheSineadBurke on Twitter and Instagram.

Episode 1: Time for tech to get inclusive, with Kat Holmes

“Inclusion has risen to the top of many organizations, but what to do next is still unclear.” In this episode, Kat Holmes opens our eyes to bias and exclusion in the design process of everyday objects and technologies, and introduces a new hypothesis for how to break the cycle.

Kat is a pioneer of inclusive design, previously at Microsoft and currently as founder at Kata. Her award-winning Inclusive Design toolkit is widely recognized as a radical evolution of design thinking and she was recently recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business.

You can order Kat’s book Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design on Amazon here.