Why we joined kyu

We say it all the time around here: We at SYPartners believe extraordinary things happen when people show up at their best.

On our 20th anniversary, we asked ourselves a question we ask our clients: What’s standing in our way of being our best as an organization over the next ten years? What would need to be true for us to achieve our vision of making a positive impact at billion-person scale?

We’d managed to do some incredible work as a relatively small company over our first 20 years. But we’d also learned that the real joy, and making an impact at scale, happens when we’re partnering with clients or collaborators. Continuing to go it alone might even block us unnecessarily from opportunities to unlock new levels of greatness in our own company.

We gain an incredible peer set with equally ambitious and aspirational plans for impact.

We get to mind-meld, experiment, play, and invent with some of the smartest, boldest, most creative makers in the world.

And we retain independence to continue to do the work we love, the work we believe the world needs.

We have found our community—of firms and studios equally committed to bringing creativity to the task of propelling the economy and society forward.

For example, while we at SYP are consulting on human-centered transformation to the world’s top leaders, and building products to unlock greatness at scale, the most recent addition to the kyu collective, world-renowned IDEO, continues to bring human-centered design to the worthy work of helping public and private sectors innovate and grow.

IDEO and SYP have come together around a huge new project, the first collaboration under kyu’s creative collective—The Powerful Now, aimed at changing the global perspective and norms for the aging population.

Other kyu family members are making their mark on the world, too, in these and many, many other ways.

Sid Lee is building brands for the experience economy, and C2 is changing the definition of a business conference.

Red Peak, the “wildly rational, highly visual” branding firm, is throwing itself at the world’s most interesting marketing challenges.

And Digital Kitchen is embracing a thinker/maker mentality in the world of entertainment and communications.

Whether it’s alone or alongside these collaborators, the possibilities for making a positive, billion-person impact are endless. We can’t wait to continue to grow within this kyu collective.

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