The future includes.

As we partner with CEOs and their teams to transform their organizations, we’ve seen that building a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging has become an increasingly important topic on the C-Suite agenda. Not only because companies have come under scrutiny for it, but because this is a time in society when leaders are confronting the truths about what they stand for, and how to bring out the best in the people they serve.

To share what we’ve learned through our work with companies on this topic, and to continue building our own insights and practices in this space, we convened 150 senior executives in San Francisco and New York:

  • We built empathy and awareness about the state of diversity and inclusion in business;
  • We guided them in reflecting on their own biases and behaviors as individual leaders;
  • And we led working sessions to catalyze change through their leadership teams—looking at how they approach meetings, communication, brand, recruiting, rewards and recognition, feedback, and mentoring and development through the lens of inclusion.

While our beliefs and practices in this space are still emerging, one thing we know to be true is this: Diversity and inclusion is not a one-off initiative. It’s an ongoing practice that all business leaders (not HR alone) must own.

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