Fighting Bias in Design, at NYCxDesign

Design carries lasting power to affect the way people experience and think about the world around them. Designers, then, have a great responsibility. But even with the best of intentions, designers—like all humans—are subject to bias.

How does bias show up in design? And how might designers embrace a more conscious and aware approach?

This was the topic of SYPartners’ workshop this past week during NYCxDesign—New York City’s annual citywide celebration of design.

Led by Managing Creative Director Rie Nørregaard, SYPartners hosted 20 design professionals for an interactive conversation over breakfast in our New York office. Together we discussed the various scenarios we encounter daily as designers—in sketching, photography, experience design, iconography, etc—where we can confront our biases to create more impactful design.

At SYPartners, we get up in the morning to have a positive impact on individuals, organizations, and society, so we’re excited to dig into the conversation whenever we can about designing a more inclusive future.