Sabrina Clark


Sabrina was drawn to SYPartners for the opportunity to bring people with differing backgrounds, skill sets, and beliefs together toward a shared agenda for positive change. This passion to drive progress through purposeful collaboration has fueled her client work, as well as the internal roles she has held.

Since joining SYPartners in 2009, she has worked alongside leaders at IBM, Citi, BlackRock, American Express, and Ogilvy on both pivotal moments to propel their organizations forward and everyday actions to drive lasting change at the team and individual levels. The internal roles Sabrina has held as head of Business Operations and Program Management have strengthened her ability to marry creativity and systems thinking to launch new practices and tools to help people work better.

Prior to SYPartners, Sabrina spent the majority of her career in advertising account services. Throughout her wide range of brand experience with organizations including Pfizer, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Time Warner Cable, and Earth Biofuels, Sabrina always sought to build tighter collaboration between client and agency to create powerful work that pushed the envelope of creativity and impact.

Sabrina graduated from the University of Virginia with a B.S. in Commerce and a minor in English. She lives in Pelham, NY with her husband and two children and is an active member of the Junior League, a women’s service organization. In her spare time, she attempts to pursue her childhood ambitions of becoming an actor, frequently appearing on stage alongside her children at the Clark Theater (aka the basement).