Nicolas Maitret

Managing Partner

Nicolas is a Managing Partner at SYPartners, responsible for leading the firm’s business, culture, and people in collaboration with fellow members of the management team.

Over the past 20 years, Nicolas has helped leaders shape organizations that can navigate change and complexity to create value for all stakeholders.

A designer and business strategist by training, he brings clarity to complexity, the ability to reframe challenges to discover new opportunities, and deep expertise helping organizations define their purpose, vision, and culture.

At SYPartners, he has worked with AARP on a multi-year transformation project, helped build an innovation team at Johnson & Johnson, developed new products for Target, designed award-winning experiences for IBM, and collaborated with the Aspen Institute to articulate their vision and strategy.

Passionate about how companies can harness data and AI both strategically and responsibly, he has helped Nike articulate and operationalize a set of values guiding their use of consumer data and participated in the formation of the Data & Trust Alliance—a coalition bringing together leading businesses to develop and adopt responsible AI practices.

Since 2022, he has partnered with the Yale Program on Stakeholder Innovation and Management to design new tools and approaches that help multidisciplinary teams create products, services and programs serving the interests of multiple stakeholders.

Prior to joining SYPartners, Nicolas was a product designer in France. He holds an MFA in industrial design from ENSCI, and a Master in Management from ESSEC Business School.

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