We make and consult on products that empower people to become the best versions of themselves.

Transformation starts with an intention and a vision, but it becomes real when people act in new ways. Sometimes, they need a little help, which is where products, tools, and experiences can be powerful in fueling individual change.

At SYPartners, we help you envision, design, build, prototype, and launch new products and services to activate the human potential of your employees, customers, or audience. We’ve partnered on first-of-a-kind product experiences with organizations including AARP, Kiva, On Being, Oprah, and Gannett, among others.

And we’ve learned from building our own. We’ve channeled our expertise around human behavior, leadership, and change into a collection of award-winning digital and physical products, tools and workshops.

Our products

Leading into the Unknown

Build transformational leadership skills.
Leading into the Unknown is a workshop designed to energize and engage leaders, equipping them with approaches and ideas for leading in the face of uncertainty.

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A publication by SYPartners.
Articles on design, strategy, and leadership written by SYP leaders in 2021.

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Made by SYPartners

Get inspiration in the palm of your hand.
This small collection of printed products makes it fun to unearth quick but profound insights.

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Tools by SYPartners

Free tools, prompts, and exercises to help your teams flourish.
Need help leading a conversation? Planning a kickoff meeting? Building empathy on your team? Tools by SYPartners is a library of some of our favorite printable and digital tools.

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