Rie Nørregaard

Executive Director, Middle East

Rie is passionate about design as an act of service—from designing more inclusive organizations to reimagining how an ordinary product, such as a cane, can become extraordinary for the person who uses it.

At SYPartners, Rie serves as Executive Director, Middle East, helping clients envision and build a future that’s made for all of us—and the best in us. Previously, Rie was CEO and co-founder at Omhu. She’s worked as a Creative Director at leading design firms, such as Smart Design, Organic, Quirky, and Frog Design, and has designed solutions for brands including: American Express, Chanel, Cisco, HP, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Nike, OXO, TED, Vogue, Samsung, GE, and Mattel.

Rie is also an advisor to several tech and consumer product startups, and is a frequent speaker in the international design and design education communities. Rie trained as a communication designer in Copenhagen, Denmark and lives in San Francisco with her family.

Rie is also the host of SYPartners’ podcast, Designing for Humanity. Listen here.

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