Kendra Cooke

Partner, User Experience

Kendra’s professional experience spans nearly 20 years of design, research, and product development in the ever-shifting digital landscape — helping her become both expert and ongoing student in all things digital.

As a Partner at SYPartners, she strategizes and executes research efforts as well as helps SYP build digital solutions for our clients. What brought her to SYPartners was the firm’s solid belief that we can make the world better by applying creativity to our greatest problems. Being part of a company with that mission in mind is one of the worthiest pursuits she can think of.

Prior to joining SYPartners, Kendra worked at a variety of agencies, e-commerce startups, and organizations, including Euro RSCG MVBMS, Universal Studios, Kaplan Inc., and Equinox. She has also worked as a fine artist and in technology, though experience design is her real passion. She loves how it taps into her ability to think through the complexities of design and then execute simply and meaningfully.

Recent media:

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