Notice of job opportunity—Creative Director

Job description

Direct creative design, communication design, interactive design and experiential design for major projects. Develop client ideas into engaging physical and digital design experiences. Apply visual design aesthetics and design research methodology to analyze the complexity of client organizations to develop design experiences which integrate this complexity. Create digital tools and media using software, computers and electronic technology to address client design needs, drawing on a wide range of visual and cultural references. Develop design information graphics and data visualization to capture the complexity of client organizations. Design multimedia interactions and experiences and assist with production coordination, background design and progress tracking. Develop digital immersive installation, technical illustrations and computer artwork for client needs. Collaborate with software developers, user experience engineers and strategy directors. Envision, generate, prototype and create innovative and extraordinary digital designs for clients. Provide leadership in the development of graphics and layouts used to implement client brand projects to increase their market share and maintain customer satisfaction. Supervise a team of three designers.

Experience requirements

1. Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Animate;
2. Experience with Java Script, HTML & CSS languages and usability testing;
3. Experience with Interaction design, experience design, graphic design and information architecture;
4. Experience with SketchUp, Sketch and Max/MSP design programs.


Bachelor’s degree in: Design, Architectural Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or rel or foreign equivalent


5 years in Interaction Designer, Position offered or related


40 hours per week.
Job site: San Francisco, CA.

How to apply

Candidates interested in this full time position should apply by mailing resume, portfolio(s), and any other application materials to:

SYPartners, LLC
ATTN: Susan Burrows
475 Brannan St. Ste. 100
San Francisco, CA 94107