The Powerful Now: An SYP + IDEO collaboration

Today’s population over 65 is the most powerful in the world. They have the greatest number of people, hold the most money and knowledge, and carry the most potential.

Fittingly, today’s definition of aging is changing. Far from “over the hill,” aging is increasingly being viewed as an accumulation of power, influence, and possibility. In that redefinition lies the opportunity to improve lives and drive economic opportunity. But to do this, we need a creative mindset and new approaches.

The Powerful Now is a collaboration led by kyu, SYPartners, and IDEO to ignite a global movement.  We are connecting like-minded companies, cities, countries, and social organizations to collaborate across sectors and build positive aging for all. Together, we aim to design a new set of solutions and innovative business models around aging through a creative business platform.

The project launched in July 2015 in New York City, with other global locations to be announced in the months ahead.

We welcome like-minded leaders from organizations in any sector to partner with us. For more information, please send us an email or visit The Powerful Now to sign up for regular updates.