SYPartners at The Fast Company Innovation Festival

This week, more than 5,000 diverse leaders came together at The Fast Company Innovation Festival to share ideas and spark new thinking around the future of business. Through a combination of keynote speakers and “Fast Track” breakout sessions at New York’s most dynamic companies, attendees experienced four immersive days of provocation and creativity.

As one of the Fast Tracks, SYPartners hosted about 60 leaders for a workshop on Leading into the Unknown—exploring and practicing the unique capabilities that make leaders successful in a world of constant disruption and transformation.

We reframed challenges.

We prototyped new ideas.

We crafted stories.

We uncovered our superpowers.

We strengthened our duos.

Each attendee left with a set of tools and exercises to help them lead their teams more bravely in the fast-paced, constantly changing business environment today.

Read more about the workshop here.

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