Where you can find SYP this October

Find SYPartners at several upcoming events this fall, where our leaders, our thinking, and our projects will be featured for the public. See below for our events list for October 2015, and watch this space (and SYP social channels) for updates.

10/8: Nic Anderson @ NASDAQ

To help launch the new Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center in San Francisco, SYP’s Nic Anderson will share five key levers of organizational culture—for leaders to pull when they’re launching a startup, growing a company, or transforming a business.

The event will be the first in the Center’s Thirsty Thursday series, taking place on Thursday, October 8th from 6-8pm PST. Find more information here.

10/14: The Powerful Now in Louisville, KY

Gaining momentum in its push toward a global movement, The Powerful Now—a collaboration between SYPartners, kyu, and IDEO—will be featured this month at the Louisville Innovation Summit on the future of aging care.

IDEO Chief Creative Officer Paul Bennett will represent The Powerful Now in a keynote event, highlighting our belief that aging is not a path of decline, but one of continuous renewal and opportunity.

10/23: Carina Cortese + Natalie Silverstein @ Rotman School of Management

As part of our work to connect with emerging leaders, SYP’s Carina Cortese and Natalie Silverstein will be leading two information and learning sessions at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. They’ll share insights about SYP’s work and methodology.

10/26: Jason Baer @ Re: Design

SYP’s Jason Baer will speak at Re: Design—a series of events to foster conversations and connections between designers, creative directors, marketing and branding professionals, and other experience creators.

Jason will share insights about the work he’s been leading at SYPartners to help our clients design new business streams from the creative process.

10/29: Keith Yamashita @ TEDxSF

SYP’s co-founder and chairman, Keith Yamashita, will stand before an audience of 1000+ people, to share his learnings about making creativity central to one’s work and life.