SheSays x SYPartners

This week, as part of our Community Conversation series, we hosted an event with SheSays (an organization dedicated to elevating and empowering women in creative fields) called Design Your Future Self.

With 60 guests in our New York office, we kicked off the evening with a workshop geared at envisioning the kind of impact you wish to make in the world, and the steps needed to get there. The experience continued with a panel discussion moderated by SYPartners Managing Creative Director, Jessica Tillyer, featuring women who actively practice the art of constant evolution:

Carolyn Centeno, Head of Development at Form&
Farrah Bostic, Founder at The Difference Engine
Sally Simms, Founder and Futurist at Group Project
Barbara Pantuso, Principal at SYPartners

Together we discussed getting unstuck, adaptability, building confidence in trying situations, listening to your instincts, and women in leadership.

Thank you to our collaborators at SheSays and everyone who participated in the evening.