NewCo Shift features SYPartners, “The Change Whisperer”

This week, SYPartners was featured on the NewCo Shift Dialogs—conversations with business leaders, policy experts, and big thinkers on the frontlines of the biggest shift in business since the industrial revolution.

NewCo’s John Battelle interviewed SYPartners Founder and Chairman, Keith Yamashita about working alongside clients such as Starbucks, IBM, Emerson Collective, and AARP to imagine the future and unleash human creativity as they lead into the unknown.

Watch the interview or read the transcript here.

“Technically, we are consultants. But first and foremost, we’re about transformation of human beings—how you self-conceive, how you show up, what your behaviors are, how you interact, what you take pride in, what you focus on, as well as what your strategy is.”
 –Keith Yamashita