A Compendium on Race

Race is a powerful issue in America. It divides us. It embroils us. It confounds us. Often, we feel we don’t have the words to talk about it—let alone take positive steps. 

In July 2014, SYPartners created A Compendium on Race—a collection of images, articles, facts, and ideas on the subject of race in America today.

It was the summer of Mike Brown and Eric Garner, of pain and chaos and strife. The goal was to open conversation, to create common ground to help ourselves and our community connect to the topic of race, and to contemplate personal biases.

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The piece was designed to be read alone, as a reflection, or in a group, encouraging dialogue and the sharing of personal experiences. It was offered to SYP’s clients, who have shared it with their executives and employees, and to SYP friends and family, who have continued to spread it in broader networks.

Since its creation, A Compendium on Race has been honored with several awards for its design and impact: It is a winner of the AIGA 2015 Cased competition, ADC’s silver prize in Editorial Design, and The One Club Merit award for Public Service – Design / Publication Design.

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The effort was entirely pro bono: SYPartners, nor any other person or company, has or will profit from it. Instead we offered it as a compilation of ideas—free of charge—to encourage and support a critical conversation.

If you have questions about the project, or would like to know more, please contact us at info@sypartners.com.