Jonas Nwuke

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Office of the Chairman

Jonas joined SYPartners in January to lend his weight to the firm’s vanguard work. His first assignment was helping Starbucks design and build their May 29 anti-bias experience for 175,000 US employees.

Prior to SYP, Jonas led strategy for IBM’s AI business, Watson. Before that he held a number of roles in the Watson division, including chief of staff to the Senior Vice President of IBM’s Watson and Cloud divisions.

A Colorado native, Jonas didn’t realize how much he loved the state until he left it. He began his career at Accenture in Denver, Colorado, where he worked with private and public sector clients to design large, high-volume databases (says Jonas, “It’s more fun than it sounds…”), giving him a front row seat to the rise of “Big Data.” A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder, he also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago.