Huma Mody

Principal, Program Management

Since 2014, Huma has led numerous engagements at SYPartners. Notable projects include designing and building Starbucks’ 2018 anti-bias experience for 175,000 U.S. employees, and working with the Obama Foundation. Huma was also instrumental in establishing SYPartners’ presence in the UAE. She was previously Chief of Staff for SYPartners’ Founder, Keith Yamashita.

Prior to SYPartners, Huma worked extensively at design studios, nonprofits, and foundations.

Huma grew up in Karachi, Pakistan, and moved to Dallas, Texas, during high school, where she learned the Texas two-step in gym class. Used to a more bustling and chaotic lifestyle, New York City felt more her speed. She moved to NYC soon after college and has been in Brooklyn ever since, except for short stints on the West Coast and Abu Dhabi, UAE.