Amir Bakhtiar

Managing Technology Director

Amir has been working in and around technology for over thirty years as a CEO, a venture capitalist, and a pioneer in global financial technologies. He is the Managing Technology Director at SYPartners, where he leads the technology practice and applies his technical and business expertise to transforming SYPartners and our clients.

His most moving engagement at SYPartners has been working with the Executive Leadership Team of Starbucks to design and deliver an anti-bias experience to 175,000 of their employees in 8,000 stores.

Prior to SYPartners, Amir started several software companies, one of which was acquired by Google. He also started an aerospace company that patented a new form of aircraft. He has held various corporate leadership positions, including Head of R&D and COO of IT at Morgan Stanley, Head of Cognitive Design at Deutsche Bank, and as one of the founding members of Samsung’s Innovation Lab in NYC. He holds a degree in Computing and Artificial Intelligence from The University of Sussex.