A new set of beliefs

A new set of beliefs are emerging for the future of work, in business and beyond:

Growth is no longer the highest-order objective;
a purposeful contribution matters even more.

The future is uncertain, but we can count on this present moment.
Mindfulness trumps planning.

Strategy is not enough;
building belief that provokes deliberate action is the ultimate advantage.

Organizations are, above all, collectives of human hopes, aspirations, and foibles
and must be nurtured as such. Tight control is a thing of the past.

Transformation is not just about big moves;
it’s also about daily habits and rituals—the power of thousands of small moves.

Intelligent systems have their limitations;
it’s play, ingenuity, and a maker’s mindset—supported by systems—that accelerate progress.

Seeing the human side of business as messy and unpredictable is shortsighted.
Leadership that brings forward our humanity encourages more of the creativity, openness, and ingenuity that is essential to business today.

It’s easy to hunker down inside what we have always known to be true, but we see a different, greater future—one where companies will put aside their time-tested controls in favor of a shared purpose and trust in the power of their people.

Teams will learn to let go of the illusion that perfect conditions, or perfect skills, are necessary to achieve their goals, and embrace the superpowers they already have.

Individuals will learn to find belief to fuel their day-to-day challenges—whether at work or at home—and bring their full selves to everything they do.

Here’s to greatness—today and on the horizon.

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