Purpose-driven. Human-led.

You’ll find us working alongside CEOs of great companies. You’ll find us shaping coalitions to tackle the most challenging societal issues. You’ll find us helping millions of individuals across the globe through everyday apps and tools. But no matter what kind of work we’re doing, we bring a unique approach:

We start with purpose.
Great leaders, teams, and organizations have a clear understanding of why they exist and what drives them in their work every day. This strong sense of purpose gives meaning and coherence to everything they do. In all of our work, we start by clarifying and articulating purpose, then align all the systems of the business to that purpose—to drive change from the inside, out.

We also start with people.
Transformation is no small task. But it needs to start small—with each individual bringing their best self to the moment of change. We spend time making sure leaders and individuals see their own personal change as core to any larger, systemic transformation. From there, we can help transform teams, the company, society.

We equip people to lead their own transformation.
We know from years of experience that true, lasting change must be human-led: It needs to happen through the people who will live it. So we challenge ourselves to understand how humans work—their beliefs, motivations, and behaviors. And we design whatever’s necessary to build the capability for individuals, teams, and organizations to adapt and transform over the long haul.

We use the power of creativity and design to help you lead into the unknown.
The work we do isn’t about optimizing what is—it’s about bravely imagining a new future, then building up to it in a realistic way. If you’ve worked with other consulting firms, our process will feel quite different: We inspire and provoke, to uncover bolder strategies. We prototype and make, so you can explore potential paths more thoughtfully. And we create powerful experiences that challenge beliefs and motivate teams to think in new ways.

We take a systemic approach.
Transformation requires bringing all the essential elements of a system into balance. We investigate every part of a system through a lens of possibility—so we can envision, prototype, build, and implement powerful solutions that stick. Sometimes this means reimagining the whole system; and sometimes, just addressing the part that needs it most.

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How we design

We start with purpose.

We articulate a purpose to give meaning and coherence to the work you do. Then we build a system around that purpose that enables people to change themselves, their organizations, and society from the inside, out.

Don’t forget culture—it holds the power to make or break a transformation.

We help you codify and embed the unique values, behaviors, and rituals that make your organization thrive—creating a culture in which people feel motivated and empowered to drive the business.

Grow new businesses.

We work with you to envision, prototype, and grow innovative businesses that help individuals transform. We’ll do this side-by-side with your team, building their capabilities—or on your behalf, depending on what you need.

Build belief. Inspire action.

We create experiences that make a case for your vision and vividly bring it to life—building belief, advocacy, and momentum among the people who matter to you (for example, your employees, investors, customers, clients, partners).

Imagine and prototype what could be, don’t just optimize what is.

In building your strategy we help you envision a future worth fighting for, shape bold moves required to make it real, and enlist the change makers who will lead the way.

Lead fully.

We’ll prepare you and your leadership team to drive change, by increasing the capability of each duo and individual to bring their best selves forward—and lead into the unknown with optimism, creativity, authenticity, and humanity.

Design it for the future you’re creating.

Rather than add new tasks to old roles, we redesign roles and structures to be fit for purpose. We equip your people to work in new ways—grounded in the skills and behaviors required to deliver on your future vision.

Purpose Purpose Purpose